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Company’s history

Establishment of the first activity, the company was gaining and distributing fresh forest products...

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In harmony with nature

High quality of forest products confirmed by numerous certificates ...

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What we do

We are actively engaged in the forest and cultivated mushrooms and soft fruits business. That’s why our activity commences already at the very beginning of the production cycle. We currently have the most developed system of purchase points network in the world, where our raw materials are transported directly from the forests. In case of cultivated raw material, we cooperate with audited cultivators and farmers of mushrooms and fruits. For us the beginning is crucial.

The raw material is transported to our factories using our own transport network where, it is subjected to preliminary control and planning and subsequently processed in accordance with our client’s needs.


We manufacture fresh, frozen, blanched and dried products. It is however hard not to say, that our domain is the manufacturing of deeply frozen products.

Aby zapewnić pełną płynność w pozyskiwaniu surowców oraz dostarczaniu naszych produktów do klientów posiadamy rozbudowany system transportu.

In order to ensure full fluency in the gathering of raw materials process and delivering of our products to our clients we have a well developed transportation system.
Besides products manufacturing, we provide our regular business partners also with other additional services, like private labelling, storage services, just-in-time deliveries, quality advice regarding products and packaging.

We are constantly trying to improve every aspect of our activity. We aim to be not only one of the best companies in the business, but to be the best. This is probably why the results of external audits are more and more satisfactory. In the recertification audit of 2011 performed by the prestigious foundation Det Norske Vertias we have acquired the result of 96,4%, one of the highest scores in the history of the refrigerating business. Our ambitions however impose on us the obligation to work further and harder, in order to acquire the highest result in history in the next year’s audit.

We say yes to every encountered new challenge. This is why we are able to satisfy the needs of our clients from the whole food industry. First of all we are a supplier of components to the food industry, we manufacture finished products for retail consumers (private labelling), and work on the HoReCa market.

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